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Delivery Information

How much time does it take to get an order?

Normally, it takes about 3-5 weeks to sew an order. During high-season picks, such as before Holy Pascha, in August-September (after our summer break), production time for sewing items may be around 6-8 weeks.

Rush service is currently available for typical vestments orders (without complex embroidery, etc.) at 50-100% surcharge with sewing completed within 2-7 business days.

For jewelry items production time may be around 10-16 weeks.

In terms of shipping, three factors affect delivery time. The first factor is internal handling and packing which usually takes 1-5 days. It is our commitment to ship orders that do not require special wooden crates within 48 business hours of their reception.

Customs clearance constitutes the second factor. Legally, Customs in Europe have 7 days to clear a parcel. They usually do the job within 48 hours, but during vacation period in summer, New Year holidays, etc. they extend this time to 4-7 days. FedEx and UPS have Customs officials working in their own premises and usually are able to squeeze orders through to fit their Economy delivery time (3-5 days). Orders with subtotal over 100 Euro (about $89 USD) require longer Customs clearance.

The third factor is the shipping itself. RPS AIR takes ON AVERAGE 10-16 days to the Americas, Europe and Japan. It takes more time to reach Australia and South Africa.

About 2% of the orders take 6-7 days and more than 20 days for delivery. We have no idea what generates this spread. Ground delivery takes at least 1 month and may extend to something like 2-3 months. We strongly suggest that you opt for RPS Air unless delivery time doesn't really matter for you.

EMS Garant Post is a courier agency that delivers to major cities around the world within 10 days and 17 days elsewhere.